Port of Edmonds

As part of a competition / Request for Proposal, The Port of Edmonds commissioners asked for a ‘master plan’ that would dovetail with their ‘comprehensive plan’. The program was to include an ‘artist in action’ type of facility, a new administration building and offices, a new marina shop, and rental facility. In addition the new master plan needed to address issues of entry and the physical separation from the Edmonds downtown. This solution was titled ‘The Port of Edmonds CONNECTS Edmonds’. We chose to connect the city to the port thru enhancing existing pedestrian ways, and creating three new pathways, one of which was a new pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks to the existing wildlife refuge and seawater marsh trail. Work performed while at Mithun.
POE face perspective

POE entry perspective

POE master plan

POE city map and paths

POE parking planting bridge2

POE sketch 8

POE sketch 2

POE sketch 1

POE sketch 3

POE sketch 6