SODO New Energy Center

This proposal explores the potential of a site in an industrial area along a commercial waterway just south of downtown Seattle, Washington. The argument presented here is that a juxtaposition of contrasting spaces, as described in the urban theories of Michel Foucault, Kevin Lynch, and Graham Shane, when applied to a single site, can initiate a self-generating transformation of an area from one use to another. The transition can take decades, as in the case of this proposal. The change is from a heavily polluted industrial zone to a fully integrated and sustainable mixed-use neighborhood. The intent is to design something that will get the ball rolling, and once in place, will encourage the growth of a new neighborhood.
sodo site aerial

sodo sketch

sodo plans

sodo river view

sodo park view

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sodo sketch 1

sodo sketch 2

sodo site plans

sodo diagrams