Olympia Residence

New waterfront house in Olympia, WA for a retired couple who wants to move out of their current 3-story house. Using a portion of the existing 1950’s foundation the new home cantilevers out towards the views to the west. The owners wanted a modern home with ample sunlight and views.

Completed Summer 2016
Olympia Residence Interior

Olympia Residence

Olympia Residence Entry

olympia residence 050416
Construction Photo: May 2016

smitch sketch
design sketch
olympia residence north elevation
north elevation
smitch plan upper level
upper level floor plan
smitch plan lower level
lower level floor plan

RaderTangen Olympia Residence 1
roof form explorations

RaderTangen Olympia Residence 3

RaderTangen Olympia Residence 7
preliminary floor plan
RaderTangen Olympia Residence 8

early design exploration