Super-vernacular in LA

Exciting Followup! My mom got an apartment in this building. She’s on the top floor facing east towards the train yard.
If you’re going to be in LA the Arts District is clearly the coolest place to be. It used to be the only time you’d see any activity was during a movie shoot, but in the last decade it’s transformed into a mix of loft spaces, hip restaurants and art galleries. At the east edge of this district is a new cruise ship-sized building that will add 438 new apartments and an abundant supply of commercial and community spaces to the neighborhood. It was designed by one of LA’s drivers of architectural rethink, Michael Maltzan, website.

This article from the LA Times does a masterful job of describing the project and the controversies that come with a project this size.

From the article: “Typically we reserve the adjective “contextual” to describe buildings that are polite, eager to blend in with the architecture that surrounds them. Maltzan’s building deserves a slightly different label. It’s based not on the immediate context but on how much of the larger city looks. It’s hypercontextual, built from a kind of super-vernacular.”
One Santa Fe Michael Maltzan
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