the troubles and noise of building

Good design is often a direct result of the quality of the relationship between the architect and client and their commitment to the project.

An architect who was known for his close relationships with his clients was the mid-century modern architect Richard Neutra.

After the completion of one of his homes here is what he wrote in a letter to the client . . .

“Every major project like this takes a good deal of ‘starch’ out of me, my life strength, but there is always deep satisfaction. … This production would not have been possible if I had been a little more casual about what concerns you, or take it all less to heart than I did. After all and in the end, life is a lonely business for each human being even when there is a crowd around us, and an architect and a client must naturally come close and stay in mutual sympathy while a new and happier life can start after all the troubles and noise of building.”

From the book “Neutra: Complete Works” on amazon
neutra face